2012 review

In 2012 around my full-time job, I took some photos. Here’s some favourites.

Jon - wonderful stuff, dark, beautiful

John Bello - Mind. Blowing. Gorgeous work. I’m so glad I came across this!

Michael Wachniak - Holy Mother Effing 2012…

Alicia Adamopoulos - Simply stunning images.

Luis Godinez - You are my new photog crush. I just want you to know that. :)

Robbie Byrne - Insane man. That’s some inspiring work right there. Well done

Annette - Yep. Just yep. You are incredible. Those tones and that depth and those shadows and that light, killin’ me and my soul. Waaaaa.

Mary Sylvia - I don’t care that I have to log someone out of twitter and scratch my head to remember my password for 5 minutes, people need to know about this post.

PJ - Great year Oli! Love everyone of these pictures…great work!

Anja - Your work is so much different from anything else out there. Exceptionally great!

Jason - Dude, you got some ass kicking style going on here – awesome work.

Nessa K - I am dying with love for all of these. <3

Tricia - Just beautiful. I have so much image envy right about now. Inspiring.

john benavente - awesome salsa!

Dan O'Day - you’re really getting the hang of this photography thing Oli ;) – killer set mate.

connie - AWESOME and full of emotion, love it x

No Limit Pictures - TG (Too Good)

Rach - Love it Oli, so creative, such depth! Looking forward to meetin gyou!

Matt Ferrell - unreal! your work blows my mind! killer

Mario Colli - You are good. Really good

Mathias Cederholm - I added you in my reader a few months ago after some music portraits. Really stunning and creative work. Absolutely love it. Here’s to 2013!!!

Emily - I love how dark and moody your work is. This whole post is so beautiful.

coler - You’re a beast. 2013 is going to be a big one for you amigo. #manhug

Thanos Asfis - Your image quality is out of this planet man.. Keep on !

anda - i am so deeply inspired right now. thanks for sharing.

Nicole Firestone - fresh and inspiring.

Eliza - Oh, wow. These are really quite mind-blowing!

Mike - my lord.

amanda vanvels - dang dude. this is my first time ever seeing your work. super impressed!!

Ray - Wow. Keep doing it.

leah - dang you took a lot of really awesome photographs last year! amazing.

Farrah Allan - You just keep on getting better Oli, so good. Just love the tones!

JK Blackwell - Love every single frame – especially the one with the pooch (thumbs up!)

Romin - Teaching me new ways of seeing, Oli. Great work, keep it up.

Oli - Mad thanks, you’re all legends :)

stephen henry - a tour de force by a force of nature Oli, jaw dropping and inspirational man!

Photographer Louise Johansson - You are so talented!

Paul Keppel - Great work, love the gritty feel to some of the images. I’ve the one with the guys with the tattoos smoking a cigarette

David Wallis - some really amazing photos here, you definitely have an eye for creativity

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