After spending the past 5 or so years working full-time in design, illustration and advertising jobs, 2013 was my first year out in the wild as a “photographer”. And by out in the wild, I mean working from my bedroom. Classy.

I had a little crack at street, portraiture, weddings, music videos, and the awesome opportunity of, twice, speaking at the A Bit More Soul conference in NZ – first in the south island, then in the north.  I also go to tick off a bucket-list item via a Moran Prize finalist entry, and was lucky to have a bunch of stuff published, sometimes even words.

Thanks to all the rad couples that had me down, and especially to Eric RonaldNordica, Mike Hill, Bayly & Moore, Jake Thomas, and A Bit More Soul for helping me do what I love in Aus, USA, Italy, and New Zealand. Legendfaces.

Also a big thanks to Raw Digital & Film Lab for sponsoring my ass in 2013, which let me prioritise film in my personal work, and do silly things like spending 2 weeks in New York without taking a single digital image. Championheads.

2014 is going to move from being reactive to proactive, and there’s some sweet ass projects in the works. We (my talented good buddies John Deer, Lilli Waters, and moi) have just opened up a communal studio space of our own in Melbourne, which means a whole bunch of cool things.

I can’t wait.

Here’s a mixed bunch of everything, mostly out of order, sometimes out of place, but always showing how different genres of shooting can feed into each other. I hope.

Keelan - Your work is insanely beautiful, it’s intense!

Mitch Pohl - EPIC!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing dude

Lucy Spartalis - Freaking nuts.
Bravo dude.

Lilli waters - Oli. I love you. But seriously. One year as a photographer? Screw you. Lil xxx

Shari - Oli thanks for the inspiration…u freak ;-)

Jarg Woldhuis - Wow, I can’t believe you freelanced fulltime this year. It looks like you done it so much longer. Wow again.

Andreas Holm - so damn good.

Kristen - I hate you and your ridiculously amazing talent.
A lot
(Nah, it’s a lie.)
(Well, maybe just a little.)

JD - Incredible work man. You’re a master. Solid year. Can’t wait to see what you do next one.

Dane Adkins - All the best for the studio Oli and Co. I’ll be following your kickass work in 2014!

David - Great work. Looking forward to 2014.

Maureen Du Preez - Your work gives me goose-bumps. What an incredible year. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings to you. :)

Joshua Mikhaiel - Dude, so freakin good. insanely impressive work.

Shah - What a year mate. Inspiring stuff.

Donna Nugent - Dude!! You are all types of awesome. Super proud if your last years journey. Inspiring to see a true artist stick to his own guns..

Anja - Most of your work is so dark and moody, yet it’s always so full of soul and emotion it’s hard to look away. Just beautiful, Oli

Doug Millen - Well done mate. What a great year!

Gary (aka Marshal Gray) - rock n roll. Awesome work Oli

Laura Babb - Brilliant work. An epic year.

Rachael - oli! you are amazing. for always I will remember 3.30am stuffing our faces with Em and Pete in Wellington with as many carbs as we could lay our hands on. You are one exquisite human being. For your generosity of spirit and knowledge. For your true humbleness and passion for your craft. And for taking such a massive chance on us when I sent you that first email to come to NZ. See ya next year you total legendface. Eat the shit out a 2014. I can’t wait to see what you do.

Glen Edwards - Killer year in review mate. Your work is ridiculous and I’m excited to see what you do 2014. I’m coming to visit the new space! (At some point)

Dan O'Day - so good to look back on your amazing year face meat. Cheers to 2014 you talented freak.

shelly - Gobsmacking, beautiful, frank and downright bloody ace. Just awe inspiring. x

Averie - You’re KILLING IT. Such great work. Really inspiring stuff Oli.

Matt - Oli, your talent is just incredible, and rare! Completely mind blowing stuff, the time lapse of that Brenizer is insane.

Elissa - Holy wow, so gorgeous.

LOGAN COLE - Ok Ok I give up

MGH - Has been a pleasure as a friend and fellow photographer to watch your development since we have met, absolutely awesome! Big things ahead for OS. xx

You are incred human with an incred eye and very obviously an incred work ethic. Punctum aaaaall over the place. I honestly can say I have gasped multiple times as your pictures have flooded my newsfeed.
P.S can I borrow your eye one day, just for a little bit. It must be wonderful being inside your brain.

Ash - Great to see your year, Oli. Amazing stuff. Cheers to an epic 2014!

Fiona Andersen - I just released all my goose bumps that I will ever have for life….. Far out, HOLY shit…. Oli I can’t begin to express my admiration for your brain and extreme talent!!! I feel very lucky to have also been stuffing my face at 3am with your spirited self!! YOU RULE the RULERS!!!! Watch out 2014, 15, 16 , 17 imagine that freak show!!!!!!!!!!

Jason - Out of this world dude. Genius at your craft! Thanks for sharing and motivating us to keep pushing and creating. Cheers.

Brendan - Spectacular.

Tamarin - Truly amazing work Oli! Total pro.

Eric Ronald - You are seriously talented my man.

Brian - Your work is really stunning. I’m totally blown away. I think you’ve really found your true calling.

Paul Von Rieter - Normal I find these best of threads to be so exhausting to visually experience… But honestly man… I enjoyed every flippin second of this one. Such goodness. I am at the edge of my seat waiting to see what u create in 2014.

lisa lacroix - WOW, I am completely gobsmacked! Everything on here was so amazing and completely inspiring. Thank you!

heather nan - Oli, by golly… it’s somewhat painful to look at all this goodness. SERIOUSLY. STOP.

Kat Forsyth - Wow! Oli, keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s really unique and really good!

heather Elizabeth - Oh sweet Jesus. You are beyond talented. Such a raw, gritty surreal look to your work. This seriously blew me away. Cannot wait to see what beauty you create in 2014.

caroline - You have easily become one of my very favorite photographers this year. Thank you for sharing your goodness with the rest of the world. You are truly something else, man.

Tim Kelly - In a field crowded with talented people, you work stands out. You are doing something different with your photography and it works so well. Your photography is inspirational. I bet your are going to have a totally crazy epic 2014!

Jessica - I’ve enjoyed seeing your work though the year and I’m excited to see what you’ve got in the lines for 2014!

Amanda Basteen - Woah. Your work is just so moody and unique. I am in awe. Yeah so, don’t even stop whatever you’re doing.

Teresa K - You are one seriously talented guy Oli…my goodness.

PJ - you are the MAN!

Tomasz Wagner - Blown away by how you’ve put this together – so disjointed but cohesive all the same. You’re a true inspiration, Oli!

dylan - bro. you rock pretty dang hard.

Lucy Spartalis - Holy crapsticks.
No words.
Except for ‘holy crapsticks’.

brad - so inspiring Oli. well done.

Melissa Mills - Fucking amazing, that is all!

Sebastian Wilczek Fotografia - wow, badass! Love you street work

SHANE SHEPHERD - Oli, you’re in a class all of your own man. Holy shizballs.

David Moore - Man you sure do know your craft.

Damian Burcher - Have revisited this blog as saw it a few months ago but just accidently came across it again. Amazing images, some of those street scenes are reminiscent of Robert Frank’s The Americans, wonderful.

Golden - Asian Wedding Videography - Great set of images. Love your style of photography.

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