A Bit More Soul

I was invited to speak the deep stuff at A Bit More Soul in New Zealand last week. Apparently they wanted an international speaker in the mix. Sort of being the former, and definitely not being the latter, it was a challenge I really wanted to sink the teeth into, and it ended up being a great opportunity to think into my own approach to photography a little more before then sharing it with others.

Special thanks to Jake for spruiking me in the first place, Emily & Rach for believing in my stuff, all the amazing speakers… Mike (thanks for sharing the stagefright nappies bro), Fiona, Jake and Kate, and of course all of the attendees, for being way more than that. Apart from us each coming away with some 30 new friends, we enjoyed a week of sharing our vision, techniques, and businesses around beautiful Arrowtown.

I find it hard to imagine there being a better workshop format than what Rach and Em put on. Mind. Blown.

Here’s a few clicks, with Mike taking care of at least half the party stuff.

All shots taken on a 35L.

nicholas - YEWWWWW!!! looks like an awesome time.

Bec - Oli, these are amazing. Fantastic work as usual. I will never tire of looking at your work.

Emily - NZ loves you Oli Sansom. Still so stoked that you came to be part of ABMS. THANK YOU for trusting Rach and I, being so generous with your time and knowledge and dance moves – you are a little bit awesome x

Rach - Oli. Matey. Have you there was just awesome sauce. You were all that and more! Thank you for your generous heart and spirit!

Jim - fruckin dope MR S! Look forward to more one click boom times with you soon….

Maree Wilkinson - WOW, so lucky to see the workshop through your lens and also be a part of it.
Your images are stunning, every single one tells its own little story, love the party pics, wish I’d stayed till the dancing! See you soon. x

Kate@MagnoliaRouge - Amazing images!! So glad I got to come along and experience a little taste of it!!

Nita - Yeah buddy!

Bianca Deas - Oli, you’re amazing , got all the flavour and fun from our unforgettable time there , your images are gorgeous , can’t say the same thing about your shorts though ….

Paul Benjamin - Looks like an awesome event, definitely makes me want to cash in some frequent flyer miles and head over to New Zealand!

Julianne - breathtaking, all of it is breathtaking and so so beautiful.

Veronica Varos - I’m obsessed. This set makes me wish so badly I had been there – which means you absolutely rocked it!

Stephen Rotondo - Love the mood to your images Oli. Awe inspiring work.

fiona andersen - Your amazing… full stop….x

You have such a crazy ass utterly mind blowing talent.

caroline - LOVE this. How much fun do these look?? Also, I LOVE the images of that couple. They are so beautiful. Nice work, Oli :)

Daniel - Beautiful lighting, location, and composition in these photos.

Matthew Long - These are amazing Oli, your photographs breath soul.

liz arcus - it’s nice to see some familiar faces, and lots of fun !

Brittany - You are so talented! Love them all!

sara - always incredible, always unique. love your work Oli.

don barrington - epic as always. ;)

Jane - Wow. I don’t know what to say, really. So vivid. So honest. So beautiful. GREAT WORK!!

JK Blackwell - Oh this looks like fun! When are you in Sydney, really?

Ronnie - Dude. Seriously. Wow.

Derek Martinez - These are amazing, lovely work!

Luke Hayden - Only just seeing this post now for the first time. Amazing work mate.

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