Ash & Mark – Prospect Park New York Wedding photography

It’s been a while since i’ve gotten off my butt and posted a wedding – and what better one to start with than these legends.

Ash & Mark got hitched in beautiful Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, and not being one to say no to another opportunity to head to the big apple, I was the lucky chap that got to hop over from the other side of the world to capture all the magic.

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Jai Long - I love what you did with this wedding man. brilliant. I also love the sneaky little shot of me in there ;)

Rachael - you rock. full stop. nuff said.

Lucy Spartalis - Lovely work dude. There’s a delicate feeling to the grading – I like it.

JK Blackwell - Classic – hot dog !! Love this.

Eric Ronald - Big time love for you and your photographs. You nailed this.

Dan O'Day - frikken awesome xoxo

Tina - hotdog !!! So good

Luke Going - OLI. Get off your butt more often and show us more of this!! AWESOME!!

Brian Furbush - Killer work dude!

damian burcher - Great work Oli. Love the black and white close up of them holding hands.

Brano Novak - This is first wedding I have seen from you and must say it is perfect!

Ben - inspiring stuff man. Great edits.

Louise Brynjulfsen - Oli I came back to this again, which is saying something – I gloss over a lot of stuff. You’ve covered the wedding beautifully! I love the hot dog shot, I love that you’ve done individual portraits for the family, I love the tone, etc!

Thanks for sharing!

cinzia - love it.

Peter - These images are so beautiful !

Mel - Loved so much about this! Gorgeous!

Chiara - Great job, as always.

Carlos Garcia - Great work ¡¡ Love this pics

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