Drop Frame – Trichome – cinemagraph music video released

A little clip I made at the start of the year with some talented folks has finally been made public by the promoter, so here’s a linky to the HD on my Vimeo. It’s an amazing track by my buddy Tom, aka Dropframe, and Annelise, aka Annie Inkerman. It blows me away that something of this calibre was made in his bedroom. He’s an insanely talented producer, and likewise with Annie as a singer, so hopefully there’s big things in store for them.

The process used mixed stills with a small segment of video, masked over the top (a cinemagraph), and motion-tracked where necessary to offset minor movement (humans really can’t sit all that still). I’m really interested in applying different techniques where not often used. I’m brewing an idea for another music video for the Twoks that steps it up (or backwards) quite a notch.

This was done all on a 5D Mark II, and made entirely within After Effects. Anyone that’s tried to cut a clip in After Effects knows just how much it is not made for editing, but since all of the chunks were made mixing stills and masked video with some animation, it was necessary to do it all inside of AE.

I’ve always said I wouldn’t move to a higher-res system such as RED for video stuff until I’d played with DSLR video enough to know of it’s limitations first-hand, and I’m pretty sure that I hit some of those in making this clip. The 5D cannot hold detail in video for smaller moving objects (i.e. – people at a distance within a frame), even at low ISO’s, which made things pretty difficult in post production.

That said I’m mostly pretty happy with it. Enjoy!

Dropframe – Trichome from Oli Sansom on Vimeo.


Alyda - Holy shit! I just shook my head in disbelief for most of that clip. Seriously, you are amazing.

JK Blackwell - My heart skipped a bit – two actually.

Chris Elfes - Nice!!

Rachael - Amazing, inspired and incredible as always Oli. Beautiful beautiful work.

Mikey - Respect Man. Great work!

sara - so. so. rad.

I love the video, how it works within your style and yet pushes boundaries.

Well done.

TMC - Too damn awesome. Such an inspirational clip to aim for.. Love it brother!

Shari - Amazeballs!…damn you boy you just keep turning it up a notch!

Rob Dodsworth - Freakin’ awesome!

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