Europe & New York on Film

Two music videos, 3 weddings, 1 workshop, and some weeks pounding the pavement around Europe with my lady. Somehow this bizarre mix of work and play managed to fall conveniently within a 6 week period. What a lucky gig. I didn’t shoot nearly as much as I wanted to, but here’s a few outtakes gathered along the way. All images shot on a Hasselblad 500Cm with Kodak Portra 400.



And here’s a little bit of a music video I was super lucky to work on with the Streets of Laredo crew. One nights shooting, then a good hard slog converting footage from a hacked Canon 5dMKIII. Such cowboys. Their tunes are really something else, so check them out here.


James - Your eye is as brilliant as it is unique. In a web filled with forgettable images yours rise above the rest. Congrats buddy.

Heidi browne - Whoa. Every photo is perfect well done

Ben Murphy - Too many hero’s, dude! head exploded a little bit. The film is legit. PEACE.

Peter - Wow ! Your photos are amazing ! I really love the ones with no one in it. It looks so peaceful and calming.

Melissa mills - I love the way you see Oli! I feel like every image invites me in and I end up staring for ages, working out what each part of the image is telling me.

So inspiring!

Michael - The final image for me, just wins. Keep it up bud!

Mike - Sweet work Oli!

gee - great stuff

L - The two deck chairs shot. Love it!

Tom from Blavou - Hoorah!

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