Film stuff

Some snaps from some older rolls processed by my rad lab Raw Digital & Film. This is a mix of Tri-X/400H and my favourite expired secret-sauce film from the 1950′s/60′s.

A few of us were bantering on FB and decided we were gonna book a quick trip to Wilsons Prom to hang out, unwind, snap, and try and break some shooting habits. Wilsons Prom is at the southern most point of Australia and a place I’ve camped at since first year of high school. It was awesome to be back there even if just for a few days. Even just messing around like this reminded me how important it is to get more of this done. It aaalllways feeds back into the “real” work.


Eric Ronald - Inspiring stuff amigo.

charmaine - I love your work Oli Sansom …

Kim - fricking magic

Brendan - Really strong set!

Sidney Morgan - These are all ridiculous. That light looks delicious. If I could eat these, I would.

Priya Patel - Awesome stuff Oli. Love that second image.

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