Fuji Xe-2

Sarah and I just spent a few weeks overseas, for a mix of work and downtime. Mostly the second bit. Way overdue for someone in the real-world like her, and just a bit of icing on the cake for a jobless latte-sipping artist layabout like me.

I took along my 5D MKIII, and a brand spankin new Fuji XE-2 I won thanks to Capture Magazine. When I found out this was coming my way I pretty much assumed i’d be selling what I figured would be a bit of kit that couldn’t keep up with DSLR’s, and wouldn’t be all that versatile.

No way.

Tiny sensor.

Don’t need more digital kit.

Selling it.

Thanks for comin, thanks for helping out with some rent.

That was before I did some tests at our studio and then found myself pulling it overseas as my MKIII backup. A week into doing some casual snapping around Europe, I knew it was responsive and light enough to use at a wedding, and that the files were giving what appeared to be more latitude than my 5DIII.

These aren’t curated images, they’re literally some mess around snaps, while I’ve been spending the time with my Hasselblad 500cm, but I couldn’t resist showing off what this little nugget of joy is capable of. All of these are taken on the Xe-2 with the 35mm 1.4 lens.


Fuji xe 2 clouds munich

Fuji xe 2 clouds munich

DSCF0194DSCF0247fuji-xe-2DSCF0309DSCF0349Fuji-xe-2-comparisonDSCF2046Untitled_Panorama1More and more i’ve been interested in getting the most malleable files out of the simplest gear, and i’m going to be interested in seeing whether those Fuji upstarts are the answer. So far the visible downside to me is the loss of shallow depth of field, but i’m pretty keen to see how the 56mm 1.2 and the 24mm 1.4 compare to what Canon has on the table. I’m pretty sure the 85L is probably going to stay untouchable.

Here’s a before and after. The image on the left is straight out of camera, and the image on the right has a 5-stop exposure reduction in Lightroom, and the file is cleaner than my MKIII files when correctly exposing for a scene like this.

Fuji xe-2 dynamic range

What the foccaccia?

Maybe even crazier, these (except for the whack overexposed example above) were all taken in aperture priority mode: aka, basically, auto (shhhh). This thing is a metering-monster. Set-and-forget auto iso with a minimum desired shutter speed, and adjust exposure compensation dial to suit. Incredibubble.

I’ll be doing a bunch of more controlled comparisons when I get back just to see exactly how it stacks up with my Canon.



James - Thanks for this oli – would be interested in your followup esp. Regarding the evf (did this model have an evf?). The mirrorless market seems so much more wide open at the moment than the DSLR market – Sony, Fuji and Olympus all seem super strong – pretty exciting market to watch

madeline druce - Stunner work as always Oli.

Anthea - You always manage to make use of beautiful light no matter what camera you’ve got in your hand!

Jonas Karlsson - seriously interesting stuff about a not so known four thirds camera.

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