Italian travel photography

A year ago I photographed Kirsty & Fergs wedding in Ravello by the Amalfi Coast, and snapped these in the few days around it. These were shot on a mix of digital & medium format film, using Fuji 400H and 50-year expired kodak film.

Italy amalfi coastItalian motorcyclistItaly_analogue-0003Italy_analogue-0004italian houseAmalfi coast stormitalian bakersorrento abandoned mill

positano chef

amalfi coast afternoonamalfi coast nightItaly_analogue-0014sorrento beachItaly_analogue-0016Italy_analogue-0017

Cole - Holy shit.

Jordanna Marston - LOVE these!

Keelan - I’m with Cole. Holy Shit. You are definitely quickly becoming one of my favourite photographers.

Dan O'Day - eye jizz.

Ruben Nunez - Love these compositions. Really creative!

Jonas Karlsson - Jesus, thats beautiful.

Rob Dodsworth - Stumbled upon these doing a little research on the area. Such a beautiful set and 50 year old expired film – wow!

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