Kununurra trip

Our trip to the Northern Territory was a good lesson in openness and access. A simple convo I had with a bouncer at a pub led to an important contact at an indigenous partnerships organisation, and from there an invitation to lunch with a large group of elders. And in between, randomly bumping into these fellas (them into us, actually), and hearing some great stories about the area we were in. All this just from getting away from the screen, asking, doing.

Aaannnd on that note, we’re off again now for a few days.

More on this set hopefully pretty soon.

Image taken on 1920′s Gundlach Korona 4×5 field camera / Kodak TXP320


Josie - This is outstanding. Great photo made all the more so by the format and beautiful lens. If only large format photography enjoyed more recognition we could see more of it.

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