Melbourne Wedding

Some favourite snaps of mine from a wedding I second-shot for Tamara Erbacher recently. This was my first shoot rocking only the 35L and 85L, and I loved it.

Josh Mikhaiel - Stunning work Oli, ripper frames!

xian alexander - You have such a great eye Oli, nice one!

Kim - Really love your work, Oli. The way you use light and composition, and the atmosphere in your photos – amazing every time.

Luisa Brimble - HOLY CRAP THEY ARE AWESOME OLI!!!!! Amazing shots. I’m absolutely in love with the creative angles and framings in your shots. You’ve maintained such a clean space throughout. It’s quite refreshing to see. It’s very different from what I see often in the most of the wedding photographers. Your black and white conversion? Damn! I’ll patent that if I were you.

Farrah Allan - Your number one fan. Love love love all of these – very unique angles and the black & whites are amazing….

naomi - seriously tremendous work.

Myekie - Such skill and a very unique approach to Wedding Photography. Love it.

Rachael - Absolutely fantastic. Your use of negative space is amazing. I love them all!

Marty - I loved the image of the feet up in the air…it adds such a touch of whimsy! Also, the images of the older woman in the wheel chair. Such beautiful and perfect emotion.

sachin khona - Next level .. this is art.

Thank you for sharing. Wow!

john benavente - solid as hombre!

porter - just absolutely breathtaking work oli, so so gorgeous

sam hurd - last image is just perfection

Shaun - Fantastic body of work Oli!

Martin - Your pictures are awesome, I can never get enough.

Jim Murphy - Great looking portraits. Especially the veil in the wind. Great stuff.

coler - maniacal.

caroline - Some of the freshest stuff I have seen in a long while. Nice work.

Jessie - I love how you played with light! Beautiful.

Karen - Wow. Really beautiful artistic shots.

Alan Hutchison - Great use of colour and negative space! Excellent photography.

Ross Harvey - Love it. Love it. Love it.

Drew W - All I can say is that I’m really happy to have found your work. You’re incredible!

Kelsie Taylor - you have such a unique shooting style and feeling to your photos. and seriously, that first shot of the veil blowing is incredible.

shari deangelo - Brilliant storytelling, Oli.

tim - it’s a rare thing to scroll through a post several times. beautiful work mate

zoe - Oh my word – your use of light and space – its inspiring and utterly breath taking – seriously amazing images Oli – I’m in awe <3

Emilie - Amazing work.

Ronald de Bie - This is absolutly fearless! Big LIKE from the Netherlands!

Chris - These shots are great – such great emotion!

Claire - holy crap this has just blown my mind. ridiculously good.

Louise Johansson - Wonderful pictures! Very original style!

lukasz bak - great work!

Priya - Amazing work Oli! Your style so different and original. I love it. Very cool.

carlos medina - you are in my top 5 favorite photographs brother! amazing !

Jesse Pafundi - This is hands down, one of the finest wedding photography posts I have ever seen. Your use of light and angles is incredible!

Jimmy - Wow, stunning work! I love your eye for composition!

Ben Adams - These are unreal dude! Your editing is insane.

Nick - Yeah dude! Very nice work. Hardly looks like a second shooters angle in there once.

Falcon - so so good.

Michal Jankowski - Wow, great !!!

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