New York – street photography on medium format

In August last year I spent a fortnight in New York. I was never really all that interested in the place, preferring to go the oh-so subversive route away from large cities when travelling, but enough people got in my ear about it, and with me being at a wedding in Boston it seemed only fair to fit a bit of time in to do the “New York thing”. It took all of about 5 minutes of being there to decide it was a place I could see myself living in.

It seemed pretty fitting to have my first crack at the ‘street photography thing’ with a TLR while there, so along came my Yashica and off we went. Nothing digital, nada, nix. The rewards were many: far less images to sort through, next to no editing needed, and all of the other good stuff that comes with shooting film, not least of which was an adventure with a wheelchair-bound veteran that took an interest in the camera i’d left on a cafe table.

You can see a little more about Ed on Humans of New York, and on my Facebook post here.

All of these images were shot on a Yashica 635G TLR with Kodak Tri-X film, and other various Kodak film that expired over 50 years ago.

Big thanks to Raw Digital & Film lab for putting up with me sending them such archaic rolls of film.

New York Street Photography 2014New York Street Photography 2014New York Street Photography 2014New York Street Photography 2014New York Street Photography 2014New York Street Photography 2014New York Street Photography 2014New York Street Photography 2014

Anna - Trying to think of something befitting to say about these – but I’m afraid the best I can do is – Wow. Just wow.

Phoebe - These are fantastic. Well done.

Luisa Brimble - INCREDIBLE OLI!!!!!

Sarah Williams - Love these images so much Oli, you genius – amazing x

Jessica Tremp - beautiful work

Eric Ronald - Great work brother.

Isaac de Reus - Smashing it bro!

Tim McCartney - Unique look into NYC

Jacob Williams - Dun good brother!

Sylvain Le Lepvrier - Good job Oli ! Your B&W are beautifull !

This si some pictures of Paris. ;0)
This link is just for You ! Don t post it on your commentary :0)

liz arcus - Love love love !

Johanna - When a photographer captures souls of people and the city, this happens. Awesome work.

Laura Babb - Timeless and full of soul.

benj haisch - Wow. I love this.

Michael Wachniak - Beauty dude. Beauty.

nirav - Beautiful my friend.

Suz - Wow, just incredible

Efi - not sure I like them cause of the actual image, comp or light, or about the old style effect… Impressed by the result of the expired film though! new York seems so the same between photogrpahers, never been, would love to, but some of these take u to a different dimension of the city it think and feel .. Any chance to visit Europe for a workshop?! Would love to attend !

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