I hope this doesn’t come across as a gloat post, because it’s really a holy-shit-I-better-put-this-evidence-somewhere-before-it-reverse-happens post.

November was ripping.

• Polka Dot Bride published a wedding I shot with Tamara Erbacher
• Australian Photography Magazine ran a feature on my work
• Portrait of Anastacia was one of ten category images printed in the Australian Capture Annual
• Pedestrian TV selected an image for their Australian touring exhibition

And my image of Karen was one of only 5 selected for print in the Monster Children Annual under “girls”. Effing shitballs.

I didn’t even have to show a boob in the shot.

And to top that off I’ve been graciously invited to speak photography, direction, and vision at A Bit More Soul, an amazing 5-day conference happening in New Zealand next March. There’s some amazing shooters giving talks, and special thanks to Jake Thomas for throwing my work in the conversation. Check out his stuff.

A lovely way to cap off the year. I did submit a few images to the National Portrait Prize (one that I’ll post here later), but didn’t make the pre-selection cut with any. Ah well.

Next week I dust off my brand new 1920′s 4×5 camera for a shoot appearing in a big spread in Jan. Can’t wait :).

Farrah Allan - You should be so proud Oli! love your work xx

Oli - Fazwah, you’re a scholar and a champ. And a talented scholarchamp at that. x

Priya - Congrats Oli! Very cool

Ross Harvey - Well deserved bro. Look forward to more of your stuff!

Sal - Awesome stuff Oli! Stoked for you…..incredible work, really!

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