Paper Kites – Young

Last month I had the mad honour of being invited to be DOP for an Oh Yeah Wow clip – a production company I’d been stalking a bit since seeing their stupifying clip for Clubfeet.

These guys are the kings and are pumping out some of the most innovative stuff on the block, and working the kind of hours to get-shit-done that I hadn’t really seen since uni.

The concept, direction, and 7am finishes were supplied by animation maestro Darcy Prendergast.

After buying some lights & gels, getting people to move their bodies in increments of 1/2 a grain of sand, taking some 4000 full-RAW images, giving them each a bit of TLC, dealing with the usual little problems that come up when you’re miraculously involved in something that hasn’t-really-been-done-before, then dusting off some of the old After Effects chops, here’s the result (somewhere in between, a bunch of editors worked around the clock actually creating the edit, which I had nothing to do with – in-sane).

Check out more stuff from Oh Yeah Wow here, and some great features on the Paper Kites clip here, here, here, here, here and here.

View the clip below, and for the love of all things joyous, hit “HD” on the settings cog near bottom right.

Paper Kites - Young

Sidney Morgan - That is absolutely mesmerizing. Fantastic work, Oli.

Mick Shah - Seriously dude….your work ROCKS!

Bröllopsfotograf Jonas Karlsson - just wow, that is amazing. incredibly well lit

Emma Hughes - Wow. Mesmerizing was the word that came to me too and I see another commenter had the same response… super nice Oli.

Joelle - Amazing video + I love the paper kites!!

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