Underground Cinema Melbourne – 1970s

Another awesome Underground Cinema Melbourne. Guests were met by a skater liaison outside Beachcomber cafe in St Kilda, before being whisked up to the rooftop for a skate tournament, cake fight, then the construction of beanbag mountain.

And a screening of Lords of Dog Town somewhere between all that.

Louis - Very Kewl,

Nice work as always Oli!

Erin - I love what you do!!

Dan O'Day - love it dude

James Frost - so rad dude

Sarah - Oli you never cease to amaze me! Beautiful.

Claudia Rose Carter - Utter brilliance Oli.

Vaughn Rae - Fantastic shots,

Daniel Bilsborough - So many classic moments in there mate love it

Brian Kraft - Geez, you couldn’t have done this event more justice. The vibe is just right. I just can’t even believe my eyes. Amazing work, Oli.

claire - these photos are truly awesome, makes me wish i was there!

Steve Koo - Great stuff, Oli. Really nice work all the way through.

Sam - This is super rad. I seriously felt like I was there, you did such a marvelous job.

Sarah Der! - WHAT IS THIS WORLD!!!!!! I want to be part of it. So awesome–such a diverse and wonderful set of photos. I really wish I had been there for the fun!

Paul Fuller - This is just crazy and I love it!!!

Serena Severtson - This looks SO fun! Killer set of event photos!

Kari Bellamy - That whole set is just utterly amazing.

Kristian Leven - Loving your work dude. Processing is spot on.

Jessica - Vibrance, all around!

kenny - the light is so gorgeous in these shots ; so lucky!

megan noonan - Bad ass Oli!

Vitaly Manzuk - Love it. The tones and the feeling of the photos are awesome.

JK Blackwell - Man, I wish I was there!!! Love it!

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Pawel Florczak - Damn, I love it. It’s cheering me up when I see them instead of frost outside the window.

Annie - sick, dude! I love the way you see.

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