Wedding – Murchison

I’d never been to Murchison, now I kinda can’t wait to go back.

Rob & Lou got married around the corner from where she grew up, then had their reception at the old family home.

Next door to her house was an amazing abandoned shack, untouched for over 10 years. Looking through the window, it was all still there. Clean dishes, dirty dishes, coffee on the table, the whole kit.

We only got some images outside of it, now I wish we busted inside to snap some, as only a week later it was burnt down in a suspected arson. Crazy.

Lucy - Lovely work dude, nice colour palette x

Shari - Ooo gorgeous Oli…lovely tones indeed!

Daniel - artist. love it.

Luke - Mate, killing it already! Flipin natural!

Finn - skillz bro. so good.

todd hunter mcgaw - nice coverage oli.. i dig it :)

SHANE SHEPHERD - Love it man. That’s all I can say, oh and boom shakalaka #nbajam1996

mathias fast - you killed this set. the ceremony shots are sooo good

David - Sweeet!

Eric - really really nice man.

David Wickham - excellent documentary work + original, sublime editing! Love it

Alohafred - Awesome series of images ! Athmosphere, treatment, people, moments… all of these images have a story ! GREAT WORK !

Jack Chauvel - I love what you are doing Oli. There are some wicked frames in here. Keep it up.

Bröllopsfotograf Jonas Karlsson - amazing, love the colors. the emotions are very nicely captured

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